About Chris Preece

Chris was born and raised in Martin County Kentucky primarily by his dad and grandparents. Chris’ dad and grandpaw were both coal miners. Yes, “grandpaw” instead of grandpa because that’s how Chris says it. Living deep in a holler. “I spent most of my time helping Grandpaw tinker around the house (when I wasn’t playing video games).  He was also a church deacon, so I spent most Sundays at church. But when my Uncle would come over, I could stay home with him to watch the Bengals play football on TV

Chris graduated from Morehead State University (MSU) with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. After having a hard time finding a good chemistry job close to home, Chris decided to complete a Master’s degree in Teaching at MSU. He taught at three high schools in Kentucky, Montgomery County, Elliott County, and Berea Community.

Currently, Chis is pursuing a Ph.D. in STEM Education at the University of Kentucky and has started a Non-profit organization called “S.T.E.M. Curiosity”, to continue to foster science literacy and student engagement. When teaching, he works hard to stimulate his students’ interest in learning and the world they live in by employing both conventional and unconventional techniques, like through his series of innovative science comics.  Chris spends his down time with his new baby boy, wife RuWen, and dog Gouyang, does a lot of hiking and loves to play board game with family and friends.

Being a politician is not something Chris was aiming to become. Unfortunately, Chris continues to see how politics are negatively impacting education and other aspects of our life. While science teachers are still very much needed, Chris sees a need for political change.

Chris tries to live his life by a quote inspired by Gandhi “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” When Chris sees a problem, he will do all he can to help solve it. Now, Chris is asking you to join him and ‘be the change’ we need.